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Our unique approach is the real strengthening of the capacities to respond to the needs of a well control through a theoretical-practical wise training perspective based on written tests and the simulations with the assistance of our staff, highly qualified and certified by the same I.A.D.C.

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We provide our customers

Assistance in different languages

Like English, Italian, French and Portuguese for the advice and knowledge required in acquiring a WellSHARP® Certification service

Two simulators for well control exercises

Of latest generation, approved by I.A.D.C. and capable of simulating any drilling and workover operation

International Experience

To understand the vocabulary and expressions used in the Spanish language of the various countries of Central and South America and worldwide

Support throughout all the Administrative and Technical Areas

To meet each of the mandatory requirements involving an International Well Control Certification


Questions & Answers

We answer some of the most common questions

Requirements by course level
Drilling Operations with Surface B.O.P. Stack
Course Level Duration Proctor Certificate Max. Time W/Test
Awareness 8 Hours* NO Participation** NOT REQUIRED**
Introductory 16 Hours*** NO Approval 1.5 Hours
Driller Surface Stack 24 Hours**** YES Approval 2.5 Hours
Supervisor Surface Stack 24 Hours**** YES Approval 3.5 Hours
WorkOver Supplement
(Only for Driller & Supervisor)
8 Hours (additional) YES Approval 4 Hours
Retest (Only) 1.25 Hours YES Approval 1.25 Hours
At the end of all courses each participant will obtain a Certificate according to the characteristics of the course attended
* I.A.D.C. recommends four (4) hours, however, JF Gestión Integral offers it in eight (8) hours to better clarify any information or doubt;

** The Awareness Course does NOT require any test, if the Customer wishes to have the participants tested, JF Gestión Integral is able to manage an internal test and the certificate delivered would be an Approval one;

*** I.A.D.C. recommends twelve (12) hours, while JF Gestión Integral offers it in sixteen (16) hours to deepen the knowledge acquired;

**** In case the group of participants is greater than six (6), the course will be extended to eight (8) additional hours for a better quality of service.

The objective of the WellSHARP® Awareness Course is to train participants in the basic and fundamental concepts of a kick or influx; that they recognize an indication of a manifestation, as well as other challenges that arise during the well construction process so that the pertinent control measures can be taken.

This course is the recommended training for people who need a basic understanding of well control operations. The course is available to personnel in supporting roles (for example, to all personnel working nearby or supporting drilling, repair, or completion operations, including office personnel and not working on a rig). Finally, for Students who want to know more about Well Control techniques, it would be of great benefit.

The objective of the WellSHARP® Introductory Course is to analyze the pressures involved in drilling a well, as well as the causes and indications of a threat or influx, description of the equipment and closing procedures. Selecting the control method with the BHA at the bottom and outside of the well.

This course is intended for related or prospective personnel engaging in support activities in oil and gas wells drilling. In addition, it emphasizes the prevention and detection of feints or influxes and is the recommended training, according to the I.A.D.C. WellSHARP®, for those identified in the Global Well Control Training and Assessment Standard. As recommended by I.A.D.C., this course should be taken before the Drilling Level course. Also, for Students who wish to enter the world of Well Control, they will receive the bases for future higher level courses.

Actually, during an real Well Control operation, the Supervisor’s role is quite different from the Driller’s role, so considering the Supervisor Certification as a “higher” level compared to Driller Certification is a concept totally wrong. JF Gestión Integral shares and spreads the I.A.D.C. idea for which is important that each role has its own specific certification and does not consider the certification of the Supervisor of a "higher" level, but different.

Although the test with the simulator does not require the assistance of the Proctor, it is an integral part of the evaluation of any candidate whose course requires it. Not executing this test is equivalent to not having passed all the necessary steps for the qualification. We recommend ALL CLIENTS to confirm the presence of the simulator and its effective use throughout the course.

To obtain the I.A.D.C. WellSHARP® certificate for the course that requires an online test, the Participant is required to take a test.

To pass the exam, a 70% of the total scores must be reached. If the participant reaches a percentage less than 50%, he is not entitled to take another evaluation exam and must repeat the whole course.

Participants who reach between 50% and 69% of the total scores, have the right to take another evaluation exam (re-test). However, if the participant does not pass this second exam (70% +), he does not pass the course or obtain the certificate; therefore he will need to repeat it.

The participant who qualifies to take a second exam or re-test, can do it (if he wishes to), the same day of the failed test or within 45 days from the date of the first exam, without need to repeat the course.

The re-test must be taken with the same Training School where the participant took the course.

Certificates issued DO NOT HAVE A GRACE PERIOD, the expiration date they state is the end date (this applies to I.A.D.C. and I.W.C.F. as well). Only the Awareness Level Course Certificate has no expiration date.

I.A.D.C. recommends taking the new course prior to the expiration of the current certificate.

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