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Our optics is the integrated substantial improvement of Human Talent and Business Management because we provide tools, mechanisms and environments where motivation, identification and sense of belonging with the Company prevail, thus creating shaping working conditions for integral development, strengthening of collective competences and productivity.
We adapt the new trends in personnel selection, involving, above all, participation, fun, security, empathy, awareness, mindfulness, respect and efficiency in order to obtain the required profile to the demands of the position.
We create personal growth plans that we identify through careful detection of needs in order to group strengths and weaknesses.
We also detect the need to design and include behavior guidelines focused on maintaining discipline, behavior and good manners of employees in the Company.

  • Improvement of the Working Environment

    In a Company where Human Talent is lionized, the motivation and commitment of the personnel will predominate.

  • Increase in Productivity and Profitability

    A Company where the motivation and commitment of the personnel prevails is a flourishing Company.

Our Products

We help you with the various requirements that your company needs

HSE - Dise帽o y Soportes del Programa

Ontological Coaching

Our internationally Certified Coaches are aimed at people or collaborators who wish to learn and develop the new Coherence between their Emotions, Language and Body expression, making use of their innate talents

This transformation process will allow the collaborator to break the beliefs that limit communication with others and in decision making.

Organizations nowadays do not skimp on motivating and developing team skills, that is why we propose this service as one of the most delicate since it involves and exposes the being as a whole.

Detection of Organizational Needs

Our program allows us to exhaustively identify the company's Human, Administrative, Financial and Ergonomic resources.

From this derives a dynamic and interactive training plan to develop the innate skills of employees, achieving improvement in social and work relationships.

We evaluate the knowledge, skills and abilities of each talent; we quantify the workforce, personnel in charge and level of qualification in their performance, identifying by meritocracy the potential candidates to fill future internal vacancies.

HSE - Monitoreo del Programa de Formaci贸n en Campo

Recruitment and Selection of Personnel

We count on a group of recruitment specialists with extensive experience to execute the process; on tools and techniques that reveal the candidate's personality, abilities, skills, knowledge, experience, emotional response, performance and future projection.

We guarantee potential talents who are committed to the job specifications.

We carry out the Recruitment Internally or Externally, according to the Client's requirements.

Survey And Development Of Work Profiles

We design profiles and job descriptions and identify strategic support lines in order to improve communication channels at different levels.

We harmonize the skills with the job, specifying the characteristics in terms of functions, location and command lines.

We seek to strengthen the commitment between employee and company, designing an accurate description where the margin of error is minimal.

HSE - Monitoreo del Programa de Formaci贸n en Campo

Organizational Audit

The Organizational Audit service is available to support the organizational structure to order and organize the Operational, Administrative, Financial and Accounting processes so that they work in a way to be audited as an Integrated Management System according to ISO Standards.

Within our Organizational Audit we offer an objective and reliable analysis of each auditable process, based on the supervision and verification of current data compared with the organization's records. We guarantee:

- Management Commitment to comply with the standard.

- Organizational development by reorganizing its structure and related processes.

- Solutions to increase profitability, well-being and organizational stability.

Design of Conduct Guidelines and Executive Protocol

We design instructions for behavior guidelines and good habits for employees in certain situations: very important for the Corporate Image

We offer a correct coherence between our intentions and the Organization and Functions Manual.

We plan, organize, supervise and develop Corporate Public Events, Congresses, Symposia, Exhibitions, Workshops, Conferences, Product Launches or Special Invitations that demand protocol advice.

We support organizations to show their Corporate Image in an immaculate way, generating trust to strengthen relationships with third parties.

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